Business Continuity Solutions

Business continuity is defined as a methodology that ensures the continuity of the critical business functions of an organization in case of any breakdown or disaster, regardless of its type and cause.

In order to prevent data loss in disaster situations, the necessity of emergency centers and the concept of business continuity are becoming more and more important for companies. Natural disasters and terrorist attacks put forward the need to transfer your company's systems and information to a different backup point in real time.

Telcoset offers you the most appropriate business continuity solutions involving human, building, equipment, technology resources, business partners and suppliers, within the scope of a plan including the continuity of your business. With its strong technological know-how, comprehensive service experience and experienced staff, Telcoset provides its customers with uninterrupted business continuity in the server services provided both in the supply of stand-by hardware and in their secure locations.

SAN Replication Solutions

Storage Based replication solutions ensure data to be synchronously or asynchronously transferred to a remote SAN by means of existing hardware and software. These solutions provide the following advantages:

  • Less costly SAN connectivity
  • High performance with load sharing and data compression
  • Simultaneous FC and IP traffic sharing
  • High accessibility options
  • Application Based Replication Solutions
  • Telcoset provides your institution with application-based, Disaster Recovery and High Availability services.

It is possible to rewind, restore and recover the data on a scale of seconds, rather than hours, by using replication technologies, with the help of Data Rewind technology for data and work losses which may occur in the event of any natural disaster, user error, virus or a software error. Therefore you maximize your application and business continuity by minimizing your institution's data losses.

With this solution, Telcoset allows you to periodically test the disaster scenarios that you will implement in the event of a disaster, without disturbing the integrity and availability of the data and without stopping your production environment. (Assured Recovery)


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