IMACD Services

IMACD is, in the broadest sense, the support services provided in accordance with certain service levels so that the customers' "client side" products/systems such as PC, notebook, printer, scanner, peripheral components and standard applications and operating systems running on these systems, of the customers are to be installed, migrated, added and replaced in an effective, efficient and smooth manner. They are operated/managed as project-based or on service level basis.

Basically, the scope of the service is to provide solutions to the installation, migration, addition and replacement needs comprising of desktop computers, notebooks, printers, scanners and components of these systems. In this context, the IMACD service offers a scalable and manageable service quality to customers with a large number of data processing equipment. It can be provided in "Telcoset Service Centers" or "Customer Site".

Telcoset provides the following services within the scope of IMACD service: 

a) Installation Services: The installation also covers "New System Installations/Setups". It includes the necessary services in order to partially or completely install/setup and interconnect the hardware and software in accordance with the customer standards and to make the system partially or fully operational.

b) Migration Services: Migration / transportation services generally include the transferring the existing equipment available at the customer's location to another branch, department or division, relocating at the planned layout point, or moving existing equipment to a different branch, department or division. This service includes disassembly, boxing, labeling, transportation, installation and testing process. The insurance against ant damages during transportation and assembly operations can also be carried out by Telcoset if the customer wishes to do so.

The migration process begins with the detailed review carried out by a "Migration Officer" assigned by Telcoset at the customer location and the completion of the "Migration Projects Location Review Form" together with the customer. Within the scope of this form, the expectations of the customer during the migration, details of the inventory requested to be migrated, location information, details of the infrastructure are examined, and the groundwork is established for necessary operational preparations within a project plan for the migration.

Every migration process is treated as a project, any possible major and minor problems are examined in advance, and back-up and scheduling strategies to be followed during transport are planned. Clarifying any possible risks with mutual agreement with the customer is an important step in terms of determining the actions that should be taken mutual and providing the service without leaving any gap which may suffer the customer.

Migration should not only be treated as relocation of hardware, but is a process vulnerable to many problems, unless actually performed by professionals. Technical staffs who are expert in their fields are employed for the hardware and software problems that may occur during and following the transportation, and if necessary, the staffing service at the new location can be provided.

c) Boxing Services: Telcoset provides protective services to the devices covered by the boxing service. The disassembly, boxing and labeling of the devices in their current locations is carried out within the scope of this service. Telcoset boxing services can optionally include assembly/ disassembly insurance of the devices, packaging and taping costs.

d) Transportation Services: Telcoset transportation services are the shipping of customer products between working locations by specialist teams. Shipping insurance can be optionally added to Telcoset transportation services.

e) Inventory Services: These include taking inventory and reporting of hardware and software of equipment consisting of desktop computers, laptops, printers, scanners and components of these systems.

f) Addition Services: Addition services generally include the addition of software and/or hardware to desktop computers, laptops, printers, scanners at customer locations. For example, addition of a new user, memory, CPU, HDD or software.

g) Storage and Logistics Services: These include providing all the storage and shipment actions on behalf of the customer by the service provide, recording and reporting the same in addition to Installation Services, Addition Services and Replacement Services for the customer's products and components.


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