Telcoset, together with Cisco and our group company Airmind, held the webinar “Discover connected life with LoRa in smart cities and smart industries!” that was attended by representatives from different sectors on April 17, 2020.  In the webinar, CTO of Airmind, Özgür Pirinç, shared with the participants a presentation about ‘smart cities and industries changing with LoRa’ and conducted a live demo. General Manager of Cisco Turkey Didem Duru and, CTO of the Middle East and Africa Osama Al-Zoubi elaborated on Cisco’s role in the ongoing digitalization of the world and how IoT solutions would move cities and industries forward. In the 2-hour long webinar, speakers extensively shared information on LoRaWAN technology and answered questions.

What is LoRaWAN Solution?

The number and variety of systems that are being developed with IoT (Internet of Things) have been increasing rapidly all over the world in recent years. This in turn requires transferring data over long distances reliably and with low power consumption. LoRa Alliance, in which Cisco is involved, steps in here and eliminates difficulties such as distance limitation, communication costs and high energy use.
Providing a coverage of up to 5 km in urban areas and up to 15 km in residential areas around the city, LoRaWAN solution offers a longer battery life as it consumes less power. Contrary to  Wi-Fi and cellular communication technologies, system infrastructures can be implemented at a more affordable cost thanks to the flexible and secure architecture of LoRaWAN.
The LoRaWAN solution, which easily supports different applications, stands out as it is frequently preferred in smart city projects. Much of the critical infrastructure of cities as water and energy consumption, smart lighting systems, parking lot management and smart irrigation systems can be monitored via LoRaWAN.